Value Engineering / Management Specialists & Lean

The goal of The Fletcher Group is to be one of the leading groups in the emerging market of Value Management / Engineering and Lean.

Value Engineering / Management Specialists & Lean

Value Engineering (also known as Value Management or Value Analysis) depending on the business sector, is a systematic and functional based approach to improving the value of projects, processes or products. A VE study involves a team of people following a structured process. The process helps team members communicate, understand different perspectives, innovate and analyze. Value Engineering is an extremely effective tool for design of any project, product or concept. VE seeks and identifies client needs and performance levels required at the best life cycle cost. By identifying required client needs through “function analysis,” an item’s cost can be more closely match its worth.


A Functional Performance Specification is a document by which a client expresses his needs in terms of functions and constraints. For each of these, evaluation criteria are defined each with their level and flexibility.

In such a document there is no reference to the technical solutions. This allows the client to obtain the most efficient product, the most advantageous to him. It also stimulates the supplier to optimize the product and find the best proposal. (This implies that the flexibilities are indicated.)

Our mission is to provide creative, cost effective business solutions to our clients by measuring and enhancing value through a structured,function oriented approach. Our multi-disipline team approach delivers solutions in:



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